5 of the Most Common Mistakes Found in DIY Gutter Installations


These days, DIYers have many resources to help them complete home improvement projects. Though online videos and cable TV make it seem as if all these jobs are simple, most projects are harder than they seem. Here are the most common mistakes you want to avoid during gutter installation in Surrey BC.

Poor Pitch

Although they may look level from afar, rain gutters should have a slight from end to end. If there’s insufficient pitch, the gutters will overflow; if the pitch is excessive, the gutters just won’t look right.

Forward Tilt

Along with pitch, gutters must be level from back to front so that water doesn’t spill over the edge. It’s common for homeowners to hang gutters so the front edge slumps forward. A professional installer will ensure that the gutters are level and all fasteners are tight.

Improper Positioning

Rain gutters should hang a few inches below the roofline. If they’re too high, rainwater may drip down the back side, which will cause the fascia to rot and the siding to stain.

Excessive Seams

Like a chain’s weakest link, rain gutter seams tend to see the most damage. Sometimes, gutter segments may separate entirely. That’s why it’s important to minimize gutter seams or choose the seamless variety.

Installation Damage

It’s crucial to be careful during the gutter installation process. Just one hard blow from a flyaway tool will cause serious dents and other damage. Then, you may end up replacing the entire section.

Before jumping into a DIY gutter, consider hiring a professional service for gutter installation in Surrey BC, contractor to hang the gutters properly. Not only do the pros have the skills, tools, and experience to do the job, but they will also get it done right the first time. With help from professional installers, you’ll get high-quality, affordable, and durable rain gutters for your entire home.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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