3 Types Of Grouting Provided By A Commercial Grouting Service in Baton Rouge LA


Grouting plays an important role in both new construction and concrete-remediation projects. The right grouting solution helps to reinforce and stabilize a concrete structure and protect it from water damage. Common applications of grouting include strengthening soils and bulkheads, repairing leaks, filling voids, and aligning concrete slabs. A Commercial Grouting Service in Baton Rouge LA provides three different types of grouting: compaction grouting, chemical grouting, and compression grouting.

Compaction Grouting

Compaction grouting is used to lift and level the ground. This type of grouting is also known as low mobility grouting, and it involves the injection of a column of highly viscous mortar into loose soil. This method makes the soil more dense by displacing water and air in the soil and compacting the soil particles. Compaction grouting is used to reinforce soil under foundation slabs to reduce or remediate the effects of settlement as well as to level a building or structure. This type of grouting can also be used to treat or prevent sinkholes.

Chemical Grouting

Chemical grouting is the injection of polyurethane into loose soil, and it is an ideal method of waterproofing cracks and joints in underground pipe systems. The polyurethane disperses throughout a segment of soil, filling in gaps and binding the soil to create a more dense and stable structure. Chemical grouting is often used in such projects as dam repair, roadway repair, trenchless sewer repair, tunnel repair, and mineshaft repair. A polyurethane injection is a highly effective method of stopping active leaks.

Pressure Grouting

Pressure grouting is used to reach spaces that are not visible or easily accessible. The process involves pumping cement or another chemical grout at different levels of soil, starting with the lowest strata. The grouting material fills in voids and compacts the soil to provide a more stable foundation. Pressure grouting is often used to reinforce underground water or sewer pipes and utilities. Experts recommend using an impervious cellular grout consisting of cement and sand for best results.

The strength and durability of any large structure depend on the stability of the underlying soil. Contact us to learn more about a commercial grouting service in Baton Rouge LA.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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