3 Tips for Selecting Crib Bedding in Green Bay, WI


Crib bedding makes a great gift to give an expectant mother. It’s also a perfect thing for new moms and dads to stock up on themselves. Choosing the right crib bedding for a newborn’s nursery is a bit more involved than most people realize. When the right selection is made, baby will be comfortable and snug and parents will enjoy peace of mind and a great looking fit.

To ensure the best possible selection of crib bedding in Green Bay, WI, here are just a few tips to consider when sorting through the options:

Quality is Critical

There’s more to picking out baby crib bedding than just going for looks. Quality is crucial to ensure comfort and safety both. When selecting bedding, look for materials that are flame-retardant, soft and safe. Cotton, linen and flannel sheets made especially for baby are all great choices. Do be certain that baby sheets and blankets are flame rated for high protection during those overnight hours.

In addition to safety, quality also plays a role in how much use moms and dads will get out of the bedding. Keep in mind that crib sheets and blankets generally are changed daily or close to it. That means stitching must be of high enough quality to survive the use bedding will endure.

Looks are Important

If selecting baby crib bedding for a friend or family member, be sure to consider their overall nursery theme before choosing blankets or sheets. It’s important to make sure there’s a good fit in the looks department, too. If the theme is unknown, go with colors that are fun, bright and even consider monogrammed items with baby’s name emblazoned on them for a gift that’s sure to be a hit.

Size is Crucial

Baby bedding should be made especially to fit standard size cribs. For sheets, insist on going with fitted. Remember, babies don’t typically get a top sheet for safety’s sake. In regard to blankets, a mix of smaller baby blankets, stroller blankets and receiving are always well appreciated by parents.

Choosing nursery bedding takes more than a passing thought. Invest a little time in the decision to ensure a great fit, excellent quality and a look they’ll appreciate. Remember, don’t compromise quality and safety for the sake of appearances.

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