3 Tips For Keeping Your Furniture and Belongings Safe in a Storage Unit


Whether you’re using Chicago storage units temporarily for a move or as a long-term solution to limited space, there are things you can do to keep your belongings safer. While reputable storage facilities are pretty secure, there’s always the risk that an unexpected leak could expose your belongings to water damage. You can use the following tips to add an extra layer of protection.

Store Things Strategically

You’ll end up with a mess that could cause damage to your belongings if you don’t think before you pack. Items that you know won’t be needed soon or frequently should be loaded first into the storage unit. Things that you anticipate needing in the near future should be loaded last. This will avoid having to rummage through everything every time you need to retrieve an item.

Protect Your Furniture

Buying furniture pads or vinyl tarps can be a worthwhile investment when you’re storing furniture in your unit. Before storing furniture, wrap them in clear, industrial-strength plastic wrap. Once you place the furnishings in the storage unit, cover them with the tarp or pads. You can secure the coverings into place with tape or rope.

Buy Insurance

Most Chicago storage units offer insurance that specifically covers storage facilities. If the storage facility you use doesn’t offer this type of insurance, you can get renter’s insurance that offers comparable coverage. It’s only a few dollars a month and the expense is well worth the coverage and protection it provides.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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