3 Tips For Extending the Life of Your Truck’s Tires on New Jersey Highways


Taking care of your truck’s tires has many of the same basic requirements as caring for any other type of vehicle’s tires. In addition to knowing where to find truck tire sales in New Jersey, it’s also important to keep an eye on the tread and pressure in each tire. By learning more about the proper care of your tires, you can ensure you’ll experience fewer problems on the road.

Wash Your Tires

When you spend several hours a day on the road, you’re exposing your tires and wheels to road salt and other types of corrosive debris. For this reason, it’s a good idea to regularly wash your tires and wheels. Keeping them clean will help you avoid the faster erosion of the rubber, and you’ll need truck tire service in New Jersey less frequently.

Never Skip the Pre-Trip Check

Before you hit the road, you should always check your tires. Look at the tread, pressure, and the general condition of the tires. If you see balding or other tips of tire trauma, visit a station that provides truck tire service in New Jersey. Fixing the problem early will help you avoid hazardous situations on the road.

Get Your Tires Aligned

Your tires should be rotated and aligned more frequently than is necessary with a personal vehicle. The sheer number of hours on the road means you’ll experience tire wear faster. By rotating and aligning your tires regularly, you can travel longer before you’ll need to stop by a station for truck tire sales in New Jersey.

If you do experience a flat or blowout with your truck’s tires, contact B&L Recovery & Towing for assistance by visiting https://bltowing.com/.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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