3 Design Tips to Utilize for Effective eLearning in the Workforce

by | Mar 31, 2022 | Career and Education

Many organizations in the world are now relying more on virtual learning as a way to train those in their workforce. It is difficult to have an expert visual designer in service every time to craft truly impactful eLearning. However, if you take some time to learn about what makes an eLearning course truly effective, you will have an easier time getting things together. Whether you’re working with a professional or not, here are three instructional design tips for eLearning course design that will help you excel in the professional world.

  1. Keep the Design Distraction Free

Effective design doesn’t solely focus on decoration. Instead, it encourages learners to put their focus on the content. Destructing should be the main focus for eLearning developers. Any irrelevant elements should be omitted. The best and wisest move is to remain focused on the essentials of the course design and avoid unnecessary distractions.

  1. Space Out the Content

One of the most common mistakes in eLearning course design is cramming lots of content in one slide. If there is a case where lots of information needs to be presented, it is best to break up the content into several slides. This makes the information easier to digest and read. It also gives the course a better look.

  1. Be Consistent

Inexperienced designers will often take courses with mismatched color themes and patterns. This can cause learners to easily lose focus and become distracted. Consistency in design and presentation is key to a well-designed course. The color theme should be consistent and coordinated, along with the fonts and other design elements.

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