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Defining The Terms For And The Process Of Rebuilding Transmissions

Your car breaks down or won’t start. After your mechanic looks at it, he/she says it is your transmission. What can you do? You could purchase a new one, but the cost seems prohibitive right now as you don’t have the funds. Besides, simply tossing out your transmission seems wasteful. You value your mechanic’s opinion. This person is an expert in the field. S/he works in a respected shop and you have faith that s/he knows what they are doing.

You ask for their opinion. They talk about various options. You dismiss the new suggestion for a new transmission but what does appeal is the reference to rebuilt transmissions. It seems logical. It seems practical. The procedure reuses your old transmission and, it is also less expensive than a new transmission. You decide immediately that rebuilding is the way to go. First, however, you want to know exactly what the process is and involves.

What are Rebuilt Transmissions?

A rebuilt transmission is one that is rebuilt by a qualified transmission expert. It is built in-shop by the mechanic or transmission specialist of your choice. While retaining many of the original and old parts, these are cleaned and tested. Any faulty, worn or damaged parts are removed and replaced with new ones. The result is a transmission that is effective, efficient and functioning as if new.

The Process

No matter where you take your transmission to be rebuilt, the process is similar if not identical. It goes as follows:

* The transmission is analyzed to see what the exact problems are

* The transmission is removed from the vehicle in preparation for the rebuilding

* The transmission is dismantled

* All parts, including the valve body will take a trip through a chemical parts washer to remove all filth, debris and grease

* The parts then are placed upon a bench, table or other designated flat surface specifically for the process of rebuilding

* What follows is close examination of all the parts for any indications of damages or wear and tear

* The parts that are no longer functioning or exhibit indications of potential failure will be replaced with new parts. Alternatively, they may be traded for either used or rebuilt parts

* Repairing is performed on electrical parts

This is the common approach taken for all such rebuilds. When it is completed, the specialist will reinstall the rebuilt transmission to the vehicle.
Opting for rebuilt transmissions over new ones is a common practice. Yet, you should not undertake it without knowing what it entails. You also need to trust that your mechanic is a transmission specialist who knows exactly what is best for you and your vehicle.

Rebuilt Transmissions are one option you may wish to consider if you need to replace your old one. At Trans World Transmissions we can provide you with sensible and financially responsible advice on whether this is the best way. Check out our site at Trannyman.net or talk to us. We are there to listen and help you find what is best in your situation.

Rebuilt Transmissions


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