Tattoo Removal

by | Nov 7, 2013 | Business

A real tattoo is a permanent commitment intended to be visible on your body for the rest of your life. Male or female, whether tattooed in a highly visible part of your body or having it placed in an area that is not normally seen by the majority, you will have to live with the results of that visit to a tattoo parlor. Even if your particular tattoo was not professionally applied, inks have been injected into your skin tissues and those inks really are totally permanent.

What Happens If You Change Your Mindset?

The reasons for a tattooed person to change their thinking about their tattoo (or tattoos) can be many and varied. What seemed “with it” and trendy for the ladies or “macho” for the men in their youth may no longer match their lifestyles as they become both older and more “responsible”; or, the tattooed name of your childhood sweetheart may not be the same as that of your eventual spouse. Even the circumstances under which you received the tattoo may no longer be something you wish to remember.

Maybe you can be philosophical enough to live with your regrets but, for many, their thoughts are likely to turn to “how can I turn back the clock?” For those thinking that way, the only solution lies in Tattoo Removal.

Does It Work & Is It Safe?

At one time, Tattoo Removal was very much a matter of the last resort; it was a painful process that could leave scars that were possibly worse to live with than the, now unwanted, tattoo and, like the original tattooing process, removal also came with the risk of possible infection. This, literally age old, problem was resolved with technology from an unexpected quarter. Albert Einstein was one of the first to investigate “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation” which eventually developed into the devices we know call lasers. From a public association with “death rays”; special lighting effects at rock concerts; or the cutting of hard materials like metal, laser development spread into many different fields – including surgical medicine.

If a surgical laser can safely remove tumors or internal body parts then logic would imply that laser Tattoo Removal should also be possible. Which, in fact, it is and today’s laser techniques and technology provide virtually total elimination of tattoos in a safe and efficient manner.

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