Need Property Management Services for Your Investment’s Exterior?

by | Sep 25, 2013 | Real Estate

Keeping the exterior of your rental property neat and well-kept is an important ingredient in both drawing in new tenants and retaining current ones.  Impeccable exterior care not only helps to fill vacancies and keep tenants satisfied with their environment but also promotes safety and removes potential health hazards.  However, carefully inspecting a rental property to determine which alterations need to be made and finding the right professionals for the job can be costly and time-consuming.  Through property management services, Columbia agents employ the necessary resources and experience to care for your investment in your absence.  They will work committedly to ensure your property is appealing to the eye as well as easily accessible and safe for current renters.

Cleanliness & Safety
Rigorous outside inspections, lawn care, landscaping, and remodeling are among the many property management services offered through a reputable company.  Many well-established companies are able to complete exterior projects for their clients with the help of an in-house crew or tried and tested vendors.  Cutting grass, trimming shrubs, raking leaves, plowing snow, salting walkways, and removing stray trash and debris are tasks commonly overseen by property managers.  Not only does each of these chores improve the overall look and cleanliness of the property, but they remove any risks renters may encounter.  Neglecting to take proper care of your home or apartment complex can lead to accidents and injuries that could easily develop into expensive legal issues.

Making an Impression
Maintaining a presentable property is not only important to tenant satisfaction but to filling vacancies as well.  Marketing and advertising takes time; therefore, why not go the extra mile to appeal to prospective renters?  To many individuals in the market for a new home, appearance and cleanliness are important deciding factors.  The condition of a rental property speaks volumes about the reliability of management.  Messy and untidy properties do not tend to garner as many quality tenants as properties that are organized, safe, and aesthetically pleasing.  A rental manager with an excellent attention to detail and broad network of connections will ensure your property is cared for, leaving you with the freedom to attend to other important demands.

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