How does a snow removal contract work?

by | Oct 1, 2013 | Snow Clearing

 When two individuals or companies enter into an agreement which specifies the terms of removing the snow from a property, this document is the snow removal contract. It can be a simple contract between two individuals or a company where one agrees to come and shovel the driveway and sidewalks around the house or it may be an agreement with a large corporation to have parking lots cleared of snow and ice. In the case of two individuals the contract may be verbal and based on a handshake, on the other hand, the corporation may enter into a written contract that specifies the specifics of the service and remuneration.

A contract for snow removal in Silverthorne CO will contain a number of items of information. The full details of both parties, including contact details is important. The duration of the contract is also noted; normally the contract validity is that period of time when snow can be expected, perhaps from the first of November through the end of April. The contract includes the agreed upon terms, price and payment details.

One of the most important elements of the contract is the pricing and billing cycle. Many small companies who are involved in snow removal in Silverthorne CO will want to be paid when the service is provided. Larger companies that are hired by corporations are often content to have the bills handled periodically, every month as an example. A lot of the payment details will be based on the historic averages of snowfall in the area. If the snow removal company is not paid in accordance with the contract, there will no doubt be a clause that indicates the service can be terminated until the invoices have been paid.

A very important part of the contract for snow removal in Silverthorne CO is the time of day or night that the service is to be rendered. This is especially important for shopping centers and large corporations as their lots must be available to customers and employees early in the day. This will dictate that the snow removal is done at night. As corporations are always liable to be sued, having the sidewalks free of snow and ice is also a legal concern.

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