Why To Call Out A Heating Contractor Rochester Hills

by | Apr 13, 2013 | Air Conditioning and Heating, Mattresses

A cold weather climate is great if you like the idea of going sledding, skiing or like to play in the snow. With that said, when you have been dealing with sub-zero temperatures for a couple of months, you tend to tire of being outdoors and instead spend your days (and nights) indoors where the heat is always on. You come to rely on your heater day in and day out, which is why you find yourself in trouble when your heater is on the fritz, so to say. Here are four scenarios where you have to call your local Heating Contractor Rochester Hills to come out and take a look at the issues:

1. No Hot Air Is Coming Out Of The Vents

When there is no hot air coming out of your vents even though your unit is at full power there can be a variety of things wrong. It may be a small thing (an issue with a loose screw or a bad connection), or a big issue (the motor might have burned out). Whatever the reason, until you get it fixed you aren’t going to be able to get the hot air that you need to survive a cold winter’s day.

2. There Is A Rattling Sound

A rattling sound can mean a lot of things when it comes to your heating system, none of which are very good. If you find that there is any type of rattling sound you need to call out a professional as soon as possible to get it checked out. It may only be a small issue, but it needs to be handled before it becomes any bigger.

3. Every Room Is A Different Temperature

While there is going to be a slight difference in the temperature of each room, when you have the heater on there should not be that big of a difference. If you need a sweater for one room and shorts for another, you have an issue.

4. You Have A Strange Smell In Your Home

You should not notice any smell coming from your vents when you have your heater on. If you smell a burning smell, or anything else weird, you need to call out a professional heating contractor in Rochester Hills.

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