What is best, wood or UPVC replacement windows?

by | Jul 3, 2013 | Doors & Windows

Home renovation, not just any home renovation but renovation of an old home with character is a problem. Many of the original components that have gone into the construction are long gone but even if they are, that does not eliminate the need for replacement windows. Over the years they have taken a beating and now, stopping the leaks is just no longer an alternative; they must be replaced with either wood or UPVC windows in Edinburgh.

Just because your home is old does not mean that you cannot have modern windows. If the renovation that you are contemplating entails ripping off old siding and getting into the heart of the house, you will probably install new construction windows, but if you’re doing less than this, then replacement windows will probably be the way you go.

Wood, is it the right choice?

When the house being restored is old, perhaps even to the point where it can be considered classic, the natural inclination is to favour wood over UPVC window Edinburgh. Wood is a more authentic material and certainly will preserve the historic look.

There are some points to consider with wood replacement windows:

1. Once they are in you are faced with a lifetime of maintenance. There are wooden windows that have an external cladding which at least eliminates the need to paint outside surfaces, but not on the inside. You will need to paint them to keep them looking fresh.

2. Wooden windows have great curb appeal on an older house.

3. Wood is a natural insulator so when coupled with double glazed windows, the heat transfer is greatly reduced.

4. Wood windows are more pricey than UPVC windows.

Is UVPC the right choice then?

1. Vinyl framed windows are very popular and there are plenty of reasons for this;

2. UPVC windows in Edinburgh never needs painting, inside or out. They will stay fresh looking; the only maintenance is cleaning the glass.

3. UPVC windows rarely draw an appreciate “ooo”; conversely they are never really bad mouthed. They are considered a standard that you find on most homes, new or old.

4. UPVC windows are less expensive than wood windows

Due to the popularity of UPVC windows they can be delivered earlier and installed quicker than wood frame replacement windows.

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