The Dental Clinic In Redding Has All Of The Dental Services You Need


When you live in Redding and want a place to take your family where they can get any dental service they might need, what you are looking for is the Moore and Pascarella Dental Group at the Dental Clinic in Redding. They include the services of a general dentist, cosmetic dentist, children’s dentist (pediatric dentist), professional teeth whitening and even sedation dentistry. You won’t find a dental practice that offers a wider range of dental services. They like focusing on prevention so they can keep your teeth healthy. Regular preventive care can help to avoid serious dental problems instead of waiting until they become an emergency.

Here is a list of service this dental group provides:

* Preventive care for adults and children
* Routine cleanings
* Dental Examinations, including X-rays
* Intra oral cameras
* Laser cavity detection
* Fillings
* Treatment for gingivitis and other gum diseases
* Root canal therapy
* Dentures
* Crowns and bridges
* Veneers
* Invisalign teeth straighteners
* Wisdom teeth extractions
* Dental implants
* TMJ treatment
* Oral conscious sedation
* Emergency dental care

When people aren’t happy with how their teeth looks, it can negatively impact many facets of their life. Whether their teeth are stained, malformed, cracked or have gaps between teeth, they avoid situations that might require them to speak or smile. This can be extremely detrimental in both business and social situations in their life. Anyone with any of these problems should call for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist working at the Dental Clinic in Redding. This way they can explore all of the treatments available to solve all of their dental issues. They make use of all of the very latest advances in dentistry so they can provide precise diagnosis and provide state-of-the-art treatment options that give their patients optimal results.

Invisalign teeth straighteners can fix gaps and crooked teeth without the need for those ugly metal braces. This is the most comforting way for adults to get their smile fixed without embarrassment. For adults that have lost one or more teeth, dental implants can give a strong and permanent solution. Implants are fused right to the jaw bone and is stronger than naturally growing teeth and a professional teeth whitening will give you the smile that you have always wanted. Don’t suffer with an embarrassing smile any longer, call the Dental Clinic today.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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