Pursuing a Claim With Semi Truck Accident Attorneys in Iowa


If you have been injured in an accident with a semi truck, it may be in your best interested to seek a consultation with a personal injury attorney. Semi truck accident attorneys Iowa can provide their clients with much more accurate information than you’ll be able to find on the internet. The particulars of each person’s case are never the same, and there may be different aspects to your case that your attorney can make you aware of, like deadlines, exceptions, and so forth.

Semi truck accident attorneys Iowa would advise anyone to get as much evidence together as they can if they’ve been in an accident. The immediate concern is to get off the roadway and assess your own and anyone else’s injures. After the immediate needs have been taken care of, you then need to start viewing the situation through the insurance company’s eyes. Both your own insurer and the other party’s insurer may make you feel as if you’ve done something wrong by being injured in the accident. They will question everything in order to try to prove that they don’t have to pay out.

So, if you are physically able, and if you have a camera in your car or a camera in your phone, take pictures of the accident scene. Get pictures of all vehicles from as many angles as you can. If your injuries are visible, take pictures. Once you have an attorney, the attorney will proceed in getting statements from others in the accident, any accident witnesses, and gathering documentation to support your claim for lost wages and medical bills.

In general, according to the statute of limitations, you have two years in Iowa in which to legally pursue recovery for your damages. There may be exceptions to this rule that give you a longer time to file, such as if a minor child is involved, or if the other motorist was uninsured, for example. Right after the accident, you may have no idea of complications that may develop much later regarding your injuries and lost wages from your job. When you consult with an attorney, he or she will consider the particulars of your situation and advise you about time limits during your free consultation.


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