Performing Asbestos Inspection in New York


Buildings that were built before 1980 will typically have a higher probability of having asbestos somewhere inside the building. During this era, asbestos was actually a very popular choice in building materials. The main reason for its popularity was that the asbestos is very resistant to high heat and fire. Since then, people have realized that the material is actually very harmful if inhaled. For this reason, the government has stepped in to encourage people to have their asbestos removed if possible.


An asbestos inspection New York starts by first examining all of the potential problem areas within a home or building. The two most common areas to check is in the insulation and along the pipes that run throughout the house. This includes water pipes and heating ducts. In New York, these are the most common areas that people used asbestos because of the harsh winters.

Sample Taken

If there is an area of concern, then just gather a small sample. This sample will have to be mailed into a testing facility to determine whether or not the material contains asbestos or not. To make things easier, just look for a kit for asbestos inspection at New York home improvement stores. These kits have everything that is needed in order to extract a sample for testing. It also includes all of the packaging needed in order to send the sample off to the lab.

Lab Results and Removal

Once returned, the lab results will show if there were any traces of asbestos in the materials or not. If there are traces of asbestos, then the next step is to examine whether or not the asbestos needs to be removed. The general rule of thumb is that the asbestos only needs to be removed if it is hanging or torn from the wall or pipes. If the asbestos is secure, then it really is not necessary to have it removed.

These are the basic steps involved with asbestos inspection and removal. The process of inspecting, testing and especially removal are very expensive. Most people do not offer any sort of a coupon or discount for their services because the service is usually just a one time occurrence. There may, however, be some differences in prices for these services.

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