Kenton, OH, Homes, Farms and Businesses Depend on Clean-Burning Propane


Many people in the midwest depend on propane for cooking and heating their homes.
Propane companies understand that and have secured a number of regional suppliers, ensuring that Kenton never runs out.

While residents and local businesses depend on propane, the farms around Kenton depend on it too. Local farmers not only use propane in their homes but also their fields and barns.

For example, livestock and poultry barns are heated with propane, providing the animals with a comfortable winter environment. The barns also have water heaters, providing hot water for cleaning and sanitizing. During the winter, the animals also appreciate drinking warm water.

Also, backup generators often run on propane, and propane-powered forklifts are not uncommon around the farm. Out in the field, propane irrigation pumps are not uncommon. Propane lasts longer, is cheaper, and burns more cleanly than gasoline or diesel.

Propane is also an important component at harvest time; flame tilling is one organic method of controlling weeds. The seeds are destroyed, and the ashes provide much-needed nutrients to the soil.

Getting much-needed propane to both homes and farms is vital. Propane companies in Kenton OH, can schedule regular deliveries around the clock ensuring that their customers never run out.

Much of Kenton runs on clean-burning and affordable propane. Finding a dependable propane company with scheduled delivery ensures your home, business or farm will never run out.

Heritage Cooperative delivers propane, heating oil, diesel, gasoline, and ethanol blends around the Kenton, OH, area.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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