How To Perform Simple Garage Door Opener Repair In Clearwater FL


Having a defective garage door opener can be a major inconvenience and a danger to household occupants. This handy gadget should be checked carefully as electricity is involved. Use the following steps to perform basic garage door opener repair in Clearwater FL.

Start your garage door opener repairs in Clearwater, FL by learning how a garage door opener works. You may not think this is necessary but educating yourself on the anatomy and functionality of a garage door opener will make locating the problems easier. There are three main parts to a garage door opener. The extent that each part has in making the garage door operate depends upon the model of the garage door opener. The torsion springs perform the heavy lifting. The motor gears run on horsepower and makes the garage door ascend and descend. The track guides and protects the part that moves the garage door. When you first push the button on the garage door opener for it to open, a signal is sent to the motor for it to start operating. This process is revisited when you want the door to do the opposite.

To start, check to see that the remote control works. Put new batteries in the remote control and try to operate the garage door opener. Also, ensure that the garage door opener is plugged into an outlet. It’s simple for an accident to result in a plug being knocked out of an outlet. Some garage door openers will have an LED light that flashes. Often a code will appear in this light that corresponds with an operational problems. If you see this on your garage door opener, consult the owner’s manual to view the problem. You should also check for an interruption in the power source. Look at the main entrance panel or a separate entrance panel. Look for a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker. Fix these safety devices to restore power to the garage door opener.

If the above-mentioned suggestions fail to make the garage door opener work, it may be necessary to call a garage door expert to perform garage door opener repair in Clearwater, FL. Visit the website at for more information on garage door services.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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