Glass Repair Santa Clarita CA: Top 7 Benefits of High Impact Glass


High impact or laminated glass was introduced in 1903 by Edouard Benedictus, a French chemist. The French chemist was inspired by a laboratory accident where a glass flask got coated with plastic cellulose nitrate thereby preventing the glass flask to break in shards on dropping. After realizing the potential benefits, Benedictus utilized laminated glass in cars to reduce life threatening injuries due to collision with glass.

Glass Repair Santa Clarita CA: Advantages of High Impact/Laminated Glass

Here are some of the important advantages of considering high impact glass for glass repair in Santa Clarita CA:

Convenience: High impact or laminated glass has an edge over the storm panels in convenience and quality. Storm panels require quite a lot of labor and involve considerable amount of time to lift up and pull down in a storm-prone area.

Cost comparison: In terms of cost also, the price of hurricane accordion shutters with standard windows for the whole house will easily exceed that of high impact glass brought from an experienced dealer who offers glass repair in Santa Clarita CA.

Uniformity: Family members can rest assured 24×7 with non-stop protection in extreme weather conditions. Chances of accidents are eliminated with laminated doors and windows.

Burglary protection: High impact windows, layered with a PVB interlayer between the two layers of glass make attempts of breaking and entering futile. Many customers replace their ordinary window panes with high impact ones for this reason alone.

Insurance premium discount: Those who install impact resistant doors and windows are eligible to enjoy up to 45% of premium discounts by several property insurance companies also.

Energy efficiency: Laminated glass block up to 99% of the UV rays while letting the house owners enjoy maximum light. People experience tremendous reduction in heating and cooling costs over the time thereby making up for the initial cost of installing high impact doors and windows pane.

Noise Reduction: While such glasses allow maximum light inside the house, unwanted noise from outside the doors and windows is significantly reduced. Many office spaces are protected with impact resistant windows and doors to prevent noise pollution in the vicinity.

Make sure you call a reliable company for glass replacement or glass repair in Santa Clarita CA. Seek recommendations for an experienced company who can offer high impact glass products from trustable sources. Contact Palmdale Glass & Mirror Company for more information!

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